Honeywell UV Air/Surface Treatment System

Honeywell UV Air/Surface Treatment System

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Improve Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Our UV treatment system helps create a more energy-efficient smart home and improve air quality by reducing the amount of mold spores and airborne bacteria distributed by your HVAC system.

Reduce Airborne Bacteria

The UV Treatment System's UV-C light helps to reduce airborne bacteria and surface mold spores that grow on your home's HVAC air coils. The device can help achieve improved air quality in your home and help create a more energy efficient home.

Promote Airflow

The UV treatment system promotes efficient airflow and can save money by not needing the HVAC's system coil to be replaced as often. It also features a five-year warranty for an added layer of reliability.


Operating Voltage 120 VAC
Power output 36W 
Contaminants Reduced Airborne Bacteria, Surface Mold
Product Length 18.88 in
Product Width 6 in
Product Height

6 in

Shipping Weight 18 lbs